I love working with Terra Ferma Media who are right on the ball when it comes to websites, social media, digital marketing and loads more.  (They’re also a good laugh).

When they asked me to write the web copy for an Italian restaurant I was delighted to oblige. It was lovely to have the chance to write about something close to my heart (well, who doesn’t love Italian food?).

To help me get the content just right, I needed to understand what it is that makes one Italian restaurant different to another.  I spoke to the lovely Roberto and as we talked, I realised that it’s the heart, the soul, the ‘Italian-ness’ and of course the sense of family that gives personality and warmth to one restaurant more than another.

The copy was fun to write; I researched Italian foods we think we know, but do we? Do you know what flour is best for pizza, or how to make a Spaghetti alle Vongole without ruining the dish by drowning the clams in tomato sauce?

I hope I injected a real sense of the London Italian into the website. And I hope that the footfall increases as a result. I plan to visit when I’m next in Belgravia and try one of Roberto’s recommendations!