buttercups sml 2

Bob and Saffy loving the sunshine and buttercups

There’s a positive whisper in the air of East Devon. Perhaps it’s been brought on by the recent lovely burst of sunshine and warmth. Everyone has started to get out and about, on foot, on bike and, this being Devon, on tractors. Even the dogs have a smile on their faces as they hurtle through the buttercups. In the evenings, the scent of barbeques is filling the air. Half term saw more visitors to the region, which is how it always used to be.   

Josh sml

Now what shall I choose?

I visited the inaugural Ottery Food & Drink Festival on a very sunny June 1st with my lad, Josh. His appetite, once sparrow-like, has suddenly grown and I laughed as he tucked into an enormous cream tea with a big smile on his face. The festival was busy and buzzy and although we couldn’t stay long, we had a lovely time learning how to fillet a black bream

James Clark filleting fish

James Clark filleting fish

It’s such a joy to see local businesses doing well, and the South West has an extraordinary skill with home-grown produce – just look at Riverford Organic and Darts Farm. There’s been too much doom and gloom over the last few years and, although we’re not out of the woods yet, I feel it’s up to us to make a concerted effort to buck the trend and support each other through in whatever way we can.    

Camping in the rain

Likely outlook this coming weekend

On another note, suffice to say this weekend may not be the time to put your washing out. Because I’m putting the writing aside and going off on a camping trip to River Dart Country Park – and this is always a pretty strong indication that there will be rain, and even thunderstorms. Hope the tent doesn’t leak!