Editors Lunch Take Two

I am not quite sure how it happened, but last year I was roped into organising a lunch for some of our regional editors. They had such a good time that they asked me to do it all over again.

Editors Lunch Patrick Phelvin and Jeff CooperThis time, we added the new editor of the Express & Echo, Patrick Phelvin, to the mix. He joined Andy Cooper, editor of Devon Life, Anna Britten, editor of Exeter Living, Jeff Cooper, editor of Taste Buds and Becky Sheaves, editor of West Magazine, Western Morning News.

Our destination was Jack in the Green, a fantastic foodie pub that sits on the old A30, away from the madding crowd but conveniently close to Exeter, and Andy Cooper’s office. We were all slightly shocked to see the encroachment of the Cranbrook development – with building work taking place right next to the pub’s car park.

It was great to hear our local editors’ commitment to environment. Anna bravely decided to take a bus from Exeter (though she willingly accepted a lift back into the city with Becky), and Patrick told us about his fold up cycle used to get himself into the Echo offices. Shades of W1A sprang to mind.

Everyone enjoyed the amazing food – I could have eaten my Capricorn goat’s cheese with raspberry twice over. Everyone ordered something different, from fish pie to Piper’s Farm chicken. The food was flawless. Although we ducked out of desserts due to time pressures, the plates of choccies that came with the coffees.

I am not allowed to repeat any of our conversation (Chatham House rules apply) let’s just say it was all very illuminating, and entertaining. The world of print is having a hard time, but these Editors lunch napkineditors are committed to print for the long-term, and I’m right with them on that. Okay, you can read up-to-date news on your laptop, desktop, tablet or phone in the blink of an eye, but there’s nothing quite like the feel of a newspaper, or magazine, with a cup of tea (or even a glass of cider) and a little bit of time to indulge.

Roll on the next Editors Lunch.