John Giblin General Manager Otter Nurseries

SOS, Otter Nurseries!

I’m fortunate to have a wonderful set of clients, who all are very generous people. And recently, family business Otter Nurseries came to my rescue, answering an SOS call.

Every year the village of Buckerell, where I live, holds a grand summer fete. It’s a lovely, traditional affair with tombola, white elephant, guess where the pirate’s treasure is, skittles, a raffle and cream teas. There’s also always a plant stall.

Over the decades, the stall has been organised pretty much by the same elderly couple in the village. Due to ill-health, however, this year they had to pull out. My neighbour stepped into help, but the plant stall looked to be in trouble due to a lack of plants.

It just struck me that one of my clients was pretty prolific in that department, so I made a ‘Batphone’ style call to my contact at Otter Nurseries. “That shouldn’t be a problem,” she said, “just call the general manager a day or two before.” I duly rang and was invited to go to collect a donation of plants.

John the manager and I walked around the plant centre with trollies, which he filled with lots of superb flowers: petunias, marigolds, surfina and much more. The selection barely fitted into the boot of my car and I drove home really delighted with my haul.

On the day of the fete, the plant stall looked superb, filled with colour. I watched the good folk of Buckerell fill their arms with flowers, ready to give their gardens an instant boost of colour.

It might be a small gesture, but the donation was gratefully received, and much appreciated. So herewith, a great big thank you!