At the moment we’re experiencing a bit of a heatwave and I’ve lost count of the number of clients who have said “It must be nice being at home in the sun.”
Unfortunately I’m sitting inside at my desk gazing from time to time out of a fairly grimy window into my garden where I spy sunshine and greenery and Bob the dog spark out on the driveway – probably snoring, knowing Bob.
I do have friends who are able to sit on a deckchair balancing a laptop on their knees with a glass of Pimms in their left hand, typing a fantastic press release about borage production in the West Country with their right hand, unless they’re left-handed, of course.
If I take my laptop outside in the sun I am unable to see the screen clearly, even with sunglasses on. And then there are the noisy birds. Blimey they’re noisy in Devon. I followed a loud chirrup yesterday only to find it was being made by the tiniest wren in my garden.
I’m afraid, for me, the best method is to work inside where at least it’s cool and relatively quiet, unless Perseus the cat decides he’s hungry. His meow is louder than the wren’s chirrup, and about 100 times more irritating.
As I type, an online training course on plasterboard has arrived. This is proof positive that the life of a freelance writer is all glamour, surely?
It may just be time to move away from the laptop and take a cuppa outside for a five minute break.