The Extreme Team for Devon Life

I’ve been working with World Extreme Medicine for around a year with my PR pal Sharon Goble.

We’ve had some fantastic success getting the organisation featured in the likes of Reader’s Digest and People’s Friend, as well as regional press and local radio. We got a good amount of coverage for the ongoing Medics4Ukraine initiative, which has raised around £2.5M in medical training and supplies for medics work-ng on the frontline and beleaguered hospitals in Ukraine. WEM was highly commended at the Exeter Living Awards, and I put founder Mark Hannaford forward for the LDC Top 50 Ambitious Leaders – watch this space.

Earlier in the year, I was delighted to put my feature hat on and interview founder Mark Hannaford myself, for an article for Devon Life. Mark sent me his CV. It ran to many pages! We talked for ages, he’s done so much, he’s truly unstoppable. From kayaking past a glacier on his 21st birthday and working in the most remote areas of Australia to arranging for Tom Cruise to make a virtual appearance at WEM’s annual conference, Mark is always looking ahead to the next challenge. Luckily he’s also a lovely chap!

The resulting feature for Devon Life was published in the June issue, and I have to say I’m really pleased with it. Helped of course by a fantastic array of photos.

My retained contract with WEM is now finished, but it’s been a pleasure working for this amazing organisation and talking to so many inspirational medics and adventurers. And Sharon and I are now on call as WEM’s ad hoc PR support, so we look forward to continuing the relationship.

My next feature was about a violin maker called Kev based in Exeter, a very different subject to write about – but also totally intriguing!






Feature writing way out West

In December I was commissioned to write my first feature for national title, Coast Magazine. It was a tough gig, a weekend in Marazion staying at The Godolphin exploring what West Cornwall has to offer to out-of-season visitors. I’ve visited Cornwall many, many times. It’s been the UK holiday destination of choice for my kids for years, even though its just a stone’s throw from Devon. But I wasn’t familiar with this particular coastline. A treat was in store.

The trip started with me taking the plunge, literally. On a freezing cold Friday afternoon, what else would you do but jump into an outside pool in Penzance? Luckily it was geothermally heated. From then on in, the weekend was a cornucopia of unexpected experiences, including an afternoon session lino-cutting under the direction of a softly-spoken, bemused Cornish artist. I might have been better prepared if I’d read the itinerary more closely (ie bring old clothes and an apron).

Retail therapy in Penzance, a gentle walk along the South West Coast Path to Long Rock, a trip to Mousehole to see the Harbour Lights. Food at The Mexico, food at The Hoxton Special, food at 2 Fore Street. The Godolphin was fabulous, with Insta-worthy views across to St Michael’s Mount. All the better when accompanied by stunning sunsets and complimentary local fizz.

My work life isn’t always like this. Usually I’m bashing away at the keyboard for hours on end, Googling madly, (politely) badgering a journalist, ticking things off my to-do list, adding more things on. So believe you me, this assignment was a real treat.

I won’t say too much as the feature will be in the March issue so you’ll have to buy a copy to get the full story.

As a side hustle to my PR service, feature writing will never make me wealthy. However, it does make me rich in terms of trying new experiences and meeting fascinating people. Result!

Happy New Year, may your 2023 be filled with stunning sunsets.