Even freelancers need holidays!

With a week away looming, I’ve spent the day trying to tie up lots of loose ends and make preparations for things that need to happen while I’m away. My work in social media is great, as I can schedule everything I want to go out next week. So while I’m shrieking my way down the white water slide at Centerparcs, the followers of my client will be receiving tweets and facebook updates as if by magic. Don’t ya just love modern technology? My other clients know where I’m at and what I’ll be getting on with when I get back. I have a number of articles prepped and others in draft, and just about everything that needs to go has gone.
Deep breath in and…. relax.
As if it could be that simple. The other side of gong on holiday is the last minute shopping, making sure that my menagerie have enough supplies and that my neighbours are happy that they know everything they need to know about looking after Bob, Perseus and the two guinea pigs. (Who invented guinea pigs, they’re pointless – although they are quite cute when they get excited about a dandelion leaf). Then there’s food shopping, packing and sorting the house out. Yes, this all means that I’ll be absolutely shattered by the time we arrive at our accommodation on Monday morning.
However, I can promise you that after my first run down that white water slide I will be revived and raring to go. Holidays, here I come!