I don’t know if other freelance writers have the same work standards as me, although I expect many do. I imagine most of us make sure that we do the very best for clients. After all, we are only as good as our last piece of work (here’s one of mine – 'Taking Control' Installer Magazine).

I try hard to give the best possible service, often over and above what I could probably get away with. I would not be happy with a second rate feature article, for example. If I have to use the same information in a variety of trade magazines I work to ensure that each feature has an original thrust to it, so the editors don’t feel short-changed by duplicate articles in rival mags.

I also make sure that every ‘voice’ I use is unique. This is particularly relevant when working in social media – I have three fairly different social media accounts I work on for one of my clients and I love stepping into character when I switch between the accounts – from ‘Lord of the Manor’ to holiday-junkie, and soon to be Survival Skills expert (watch this space)!

One of my key assets is the speed at which I work. I can’t help myself… I believe I owe it to a client to get work done as quickly as possible – but, of course, also accurately.

It still gives me a kick to see what I’ve written in print – my name is never seen, but I know it’s my work, and that’s enough. Having said that, bless Farming Editor Peter Hall at the Western Morning News for publishing an article I wrote about the Embryo Vets School with my name attached. A journo for a day!