Attendees, Biomass Launch at Bicton EaRTH sml

Very proud to launch the new biomass training facility!

I’ve said before that life as a freelance writer is up and down. One minute paddling furiously, the next becalmed! This week has been so busy, talking with potential new clients and seeing the culmination of pre-launch work for Bicton EaRTH’s new biomass training facility.

I am most grateful that the Western Morning News gave me so much support to get the launch information into a good news story. It’s very gratifying to see the news in print today.

I suddenly have a long list that is stretching over more than one page of my ‘Things to do Today’ bible. And of course this is happening during the first heat wave we’ve had for some years. I’m guessing everyone has decided to give me work so they can go and sit in the sun.

One thing that has come up in conversation more than once this week (for some reason) is the question of how many people in business have a ‘play fair’ attitude. I suspect that if you’re inherently moral, like me, you might not get rich – but you won’t be able to work any other way.

If I don’t feel I’ve nailed something then I am disappointed and my only recourse is to eat chocolate. At the moment, as my fingers are clammy on the keyboards and my wrist is stuck to my mousemat, chocolate in the form of an ice cream is definitely the way ahead.

Sidmouth beach with happy dogs

Sidmouth beach with happy dogs

To everyone working at home and tempted by the sunshine, I suggest waiting to the evening then getting close to water. I ended up walking along the river to Sidmouth beach last night with several happy dogs – and my tea was a bag of chips. It was heaven.