I recently mentioned that I was nominated in the Devon Venus Awards – and now I learn I have been shortlisted. Now that was a surprise!

VenusThis is the first time that I’ve been on the other side of the fence, as I usually encourage my clients to enter awards rather than enter myself. The Venus Awards celebrate women in business and entrepreneurs, and I decided to enter for the experience of the process, not expecting to get anywhere.

The category is Home Based Business. This is the way I’ve worked for many years and I’m quite proud of the fact that I work from home. I work very hard, but I don’t have to cope with rush hour (unlike my days in Reading!), I am usually on hand when the children are sick, and I can nip out for a walk with the dogs if all gets too much – there are many benefits. And I’m very well disciplined, which some people might marvel about!

(There was also a category for Business Mum, I might have entered if there was a one for Bad Mum – ask my children who I’m about to desert for a holiday in Crete – evil laugh).

Being shortlisted is quite an odd feeling and somewhat unnerving. I am always very calm when my clients are shortlisted, although at awards events my heart hammers when the winners are announced. Now it’s me I’ll probably be shaking with nerves. I’m not expecting to win but it’s an excuse to don a sparkly frock.

The final is in November. My friend, Sharon Goble of If…Media has also been shortlisted in the same category and I feel a few drinks are required in celebration. The fabulous Deer Park Hotel is calling! Prosecco on ice please….

Watch this space!