The jungle drums did their thing today when my children’s school took the decision to close early, due to adverse weather conditions. Parents rang parents and somehow we all found out what was happening.


The school bus wouldn’t brave it, so I drove to school to collect them. The roads were fine, if a little slushy in places, and the snowfall stopped just as I arrived at school. A lot of other parents seemed as bemused as me that the school had closed when, in fact, it was generally just rather wet – a weather condition we’re very used to in Devon these days.

As I am working from home, the closure didn’t cause me any major problems, aside from trying to encourage the children to do something other than play on electronic gadgets (I failed, one’s on a tablet and the other is on a Wii, although cakes were made in the course of the afternoon, so that’s a positive as far as I’m concerned).

I do feel for those parents who have office jobs, who had to call in favours, organise lifts or leave work early. Luckily everyone seems willing to help – I have an extra two children in my house at the moment, and offered to bring others home if necessary.

In the meantime, the snow has given me some great material to work with, as one of my social media clients is a luxury hotel that looks even more enticing snow 1with a dusting of snow. The hotel’s Marketing Assistant ran outside to take some photos, I posted an album on Facebook and it’s getting great responses. It’s great when it works like that.