One of the things I most enjoy about my work is the variety of subjects I get to research. Take this week.

I handle social media accounts for a number of agency clients, posting daily updates on Twitter and Facebook.  One minute I’m looking at the snowfall in Val d’Isere, the next I’m finding out about the Christmas Market at Gloucester Quays. On another day I learnt about the wide variety of bug life in South Africa and a hotel in a sewage pipe (sic)!

I’ve also been writing blogs for clients and this week I found out all about wildlife on Wimbledon Common. Yes, I’m sure the Wombles do exist but who’d have thought that Koi carp reside in one of the lakes? Then I had a peek at things to do in Central London on New Year’s Eve. For my money, it’s the free Lord Mayor’s firework display that comes out on top there.

Back to heating and plumbing, with an article about underfloor heating and another on heat pumps in retrofit. Regen SW had their annual green energy awards and I had written an awards submission for one of the shortlisted companies. Sadly they didn’t win, but there were a lot of great companies up for this particular award.

I’ve said before that I have never been given a subject to write about that defeated me, although artificial intelligence and hill climbing came close (Dept of Maths, Leeds Uni, cripes!).  So, what’s next on the horizon?  It’s an article about my own experience as a rusty rider. More of this when the article gets published – I do hope the magazine likes it!